Tips For Successful Online Learning


The COVID-19 Pandemic has dramatically altered the nature of education delivery and how students learn across the globe. Most students in the U.S. and Canada are currently staying at home and enrolled in some form of online learning. Even in the web-driven, hyperconnected world we live in, distance learning can be very challenging. It takes a lot of discipline, motivation and organization to make online learning effective.

The new reality can be hard to adjust to, and we recognize how challenging it can be to younger learners, so we have compiled a list of tips. We hope you find them helpful.

1. Make a plan

Most schools and teachers have already prepared your lessons, but it’s also a great idea that you come up with your own plan for how you will be studying at home. The more detailed your plan includes, the better.

2. Establish a routine

Treat your day as if you’re going to school. Get up, take a shower, have breakfast and sit at your desk to start your day. Attend online classes, study, take short breaks in between. Repeat.

3. Stay Focused

Avoid all the temptations around the house such as the TV, games, and snacks. It’s important that you focus and stick to your daily school work routine.

4. Take Notes It may be tempting to think that you don’t need to take notes since everything is now “online”. However, it’s still important to write main points down. Notes will help you remember lessons as you watch them. They will also be useful when reviewing the lessons later.

5. Take Assignments Seriously

Just because  you’re not supposed to turn them in doesn’t mean that you are not supposed to finish your homework and assignments. They are still integral part of your learning experience and must be taken seriously.

6. Do One Thing at a Time

Finish one lesson before moving to the next. Finish one question before starting another. Finish one assignment before starting another. And make sure to celebrate your achievements along the way by taking short breaks!

7. Ask For Help

If you’re stuck with a problem or a concept, don’t hesitate to ask your teacher, a friend, classmate or your tutor. They will be able to show you what you’re missing, point you in the right direction and save you time & stress. If you have specific math or science problems you need help with, book a free session with us.

8. Assume that You are Not Going Back to the Classroom

Chances are, no student in Canada or the U.S. is going back to the traditional classroom this academic year. Online and at-home learning are the new reality for the rest of the school year. The sooner you accept that, the earlier you will be able to fully focus on your school work.