We help students in grade 6 to 12 with their math and science work including algebra, advanced functions, trigonometry, calculus, chemistry, biology and physics.
Even though we are very happy to help students with their homework, we prefer to work with the student to find out why they are having difficulty with a question. We will then use that conversation as a starting point and explain the concepts behind the homework problem. We do not provide answers to students' homework questions. However, we would be very happy to work with the students to solve problems and explain concepts.
Though improving grades isn't our primary immediate goal, we strongly believe that, with our guidance, the student will boost their understanding of math and science concepts, which in turn will lead up to improving student confidence and consequently better grades. We will work with the student (and parent) to make sure that any math and/or science concept the student is having difficulties with is broken down into its most basic components and explained to student, that the student is provided with the necessary resources to help them understand math and science concepts, and that students keep up with their academic work.
To accommodate each student's needs, we have a range of fee plans. The plans are based on the frequency of the weekly sessions and the grade level of the student. We work with each student and their family to work out the best plan for them. Enrollment to our program requires a minimum of one month commitment.
Once we get to know the students through the Initial Chat and the first few sessions, we have learned a lot about their learning style, are familiar with their current subject work, and have established a good workflow. This allows for a smooth transition between offline and online sessions. Our interactive classroom, with its whiteboard, built-in voice and chat options, easy to use graphing and equation tools makes our interaction very smooth and efficient. Often times, we are working on follow-ups to our previous sessions. We don't spend too much time trying to catch up on what the students needs are or trying to understand where the student difficulties are.
Even though we are very happy to help students with their homework, we prefer to work with our students on a longer-term, more comprehensive approach. If you enroll in our program, not only will you receive the help you need with a particular homework, we will also guide you through understanding the concepts behind the homework questions you are working on.
We do not have our own curriculum. Since we work on building upon individual students' daily schoolwork, what we have is the experience to adapt to each student's unique math and science learning needs and work with them on breaking down the concepts into their most basic forms and building upon them. Everything we do revolves around the students' daily school work. We either directly support students with their day to day academic work, or we use their most current topic of study as a starting point to further challenge students to attain mastery of that topic.